My Top 5 Goals for 2017

My Top 5 Goals for 2017

My Top 5 Goals for 2017

At the end of every year I sit down and make a list of things that I want to accomplish over the course of the next year. We all do it. The only problem is that some of us set entirely unsustainable goals and then beat ourselves up whenever we don’t reach them. I’m just as guilty of it as the next person. So, for the upcoming year I decided to set goals that compliment each other.

1. Meditate more.

Over the past year, meditating is something that I’ve gotten a lot more into and it’s helped me immeasurably. In both my personal and professional life meditation has really become an outlet. And,  the beauty with mediating is that it doesn’t have to be some long, drawn out endeavor. Once you figure out the way that works best for you when it comes to meditating, it only takes a few moments to really clear your head. So it’s a lot easier to fit into my day. Whether I’m stressed out at work or at home, I need to make sure I take just a few minutes to refocus myself through meditation rather than let the stress get the best of me.

2. Keep my overall wellness in mind with every decision.

Since obtaining my desk job my weight has skyrocketed. Prior to landing this job I was always a relatively small person and was pretty athletic. So, I never had a problem with  my weight. However, fast forward to a few years down the line and my waist is definitely not what it used to be. Going into next year one of my primary goals will be to achieve overall wellness and each decision that I make will be with that in mind. There are going to be times when I treat myself, that’s the only way I’ll be able to do this and stay sane. But, for the most part I want to make decisions that make me happy, make me feel well, and help me in my journey to me becoming whole. Spiritually, physically, mentally… Just overall healthy.

3. Work on the things that make me happy.

Running, writing, reading, painting, things that make me happy have really taken a seat on the back burner over these past few years. I did get into them a little more this year than past years and it’s helped a lot with my anxiety and depression but there is so much more that I could do. Thankfully, the blog is helping with a lot of this and I’m finding a lot of solace in  working on my photography. But, I do really want to delve back into the things that brought me joy for so many years. So, whether it’s take an art class, try new exercise regime, or getting lost in a new bookstore I want to make sure I’m taking time to focus on at least one of these things a month.

4. Learn to love myself first.

It’s so easy to get caught up in the culture of self hate that’s currently circulating. Sitting there and picking yourself apart to the point that you no longer feel human, that isn’t healthy. And I can’t make a goal of focusing on my wellness without making it a goal to also focus on loving and accepting myself exactly like I am. I need to learn to love and appreciate the journey that I’ll take over the next year, and accept myself at every step of the way. This next year will be a year of transition for me and I know there will be bad mixed in with the good. But, if I learn to love myself first I’ll be able to better learn from my mistakes and turn each negative thing that happens into a learning experience. Or, that’s what I hope anyway.

5. Focus on getting financially stable.

This year I moved out entirely on my own. No family, no roommate, just me and my animals. With that being said, there have definitely been some unseen challenges. While I’m better at budgeting than I was towards the beginning of the year I still have a long way to go. One of my goals for 2017 is to focus on budgeting, being more frugal, and building the framework for myself to become more financially stable. I know on my end there is going to be a lot of research and trial and error however, I’m fine with that. I want to find a way that is easy for me to sustain when it comes to being more mindful when it comes to money so I’m willing to put in the work.

I know my list for next year isn’t long, but I did that on purpose. By picking fewer things I hope I can devote my attention to them fully. And,that by leaving them a little more open ended (“focus on wellness” vs. “lose 30 pouds”) it will allow me to focus on my successes rather than my failures.

Resolutions are something that most people set and even more people usually fail at. I’m hoping that by keeping things simple it will make me more apt for success so I can focus on more specific goals in 2018.



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