The Wonderful World of Writer’s Block: 6 Tips to Help Battle the Block

The Wonderful World of Writer’s Block: 6 Tips to Help Battle the Block

The Wonderful World of Writer’s Block: 6 Tips to Help Battle the Block

Y’all. The writers block struggle is real right now!

I’ve been sitting here with my laptop on my lap for HOURS now, researching, clicking through content, trying to find something that strikes my interest. And, absolutely nothing is sticking.

So frustrating, right?

Well, wonderful for me, I’m a blogger… so I can beat my writer’s block by writing about my writer’s block! How fun!!!!

So, I decided I would post some of my go to’s that I’ve used to help combat that wiley little bitch.

1. Go through some of your old posts.

I know plenty of times when I’m writing a blog post, I’ll type something out and an idea will pop into my head and low and behold I forget to write the damn thing down! So, going through some of my old posts will help generate those ideas again. Also, it’s a good place to start because you can always expand on previous posts. Did you do an election post last year? Great… give us a year post-election post and let us know if your worst fears or your best hopes came true from the outcome. Did you write about your most recent beauty deals and steals last week? Stellar… tell us if they became beauty staples for you or if they fell flat. Revamping old posts not only helps draw in new readers but it can help keep the interest up for your old readers as they see you take a new stance on some of their favorite posts.

2. Browse other blogs.

So, I know I’ve said before in Blogging Tips and Tricks that other bloggers are great resources (seriously y’all, they’re a YUGE source for ideas). Now, I don’t want you to go out and copy their post, their structure, or their content at all. This shouldn’t turn into you going to pilfer other bloggers perspectives. However, it can be a good way for you to get ideas of your own. One great example was I was browsing one of my favorite Bachelor girls, Caila Quinn’s blog, With Love, Caila and she did a stunning breakup letter. It was so heartfelt and it inspired my post about my experience with an abusive relationship. It helps seeing the perspective that some other bloggers take on things so that you can form your own thoughts and opinions and then write about that.

3. Hit Pinterest.

Y’all! Pinterest is a bloggers saving grace. When you’re faced with writers block you can easily just go and type in “blog post ideas” and be hit with hundreds of ideas that are tried and true. Sure, some of them are going to be filler pieces, or just fluff. They aren’t going to be ideas that you yourself generated however, reading some of the ideas and writing prompts might help inspire you to take them in an entirely different direction (like how this post is turning out for me).

4. Take a break.

Sometimes you just aren’t into writing and that’s totes okay. The one thing you never ever ever want to do as a blogger is force content. Your readers are going to be able to see straight through it. You’ll come off as fake and disingenuous, which is the last thing you want when your life is on a public forum. Transparency is key in the life of a blogger and falling into the habit of forcing content can be really damaging. That’s why whenever the creativity bug bites it’s good to try and get down a few blog posts and have some saved in your archives. That way you can stay true to yourself and true to your brand without having to force out a bunch of word vomit. If you’re facing for real writer’s block and nothing else is working, post one of the articles that you have in your archives.

5. Look around you.

I’ve often been inspired by things that are going on around me. Now, if you’re sitting in your apartment alone and there’s nothing really going on that may be a little difficult. However, I know plenty of people that like to go somewhere to write. Coffee shop, book store, favorite restaurant, whatever. What is going on around you? Are you inspired by the musings and lives of others like I am? Because sometimes it can lead to stellar content.

6. Head to your idea book.

Do you keep an idea book? You should. I have one that is on me at all times. You never know when an idea is going to hit you. Out shopping with friends, out to dinner with the fam, out doing absolutely anything and an idea for a blog post can strike you. You don’t want to miss out on absolute creative gold, so whenever these ideas hit  you go ahead and take them down. I prefer mine to be handwritten, it feels more personal and I can actually form an attachment to the idea and get really excited to go start writing about it. However, I know plenty of other bloggers that use the Notes app in their phone or something like that and they just jot it down there. Whatever works best for you. The key is to make sure that you record those ideas somehow that way when you finally do get the chance to sit down and give your little brain child a voice the information is readily available.

Writer’s block is a terrible thing that affects all writers from time to time. And it can be a downright bitch because sometimes it can last for days or weeks. It’s good to have a system in place that will help you battle the block whenever it strikes.

What are some methods that you’ve tried to help get you through a stint of writer’s block? I’d love to discuss!

Until next time, folks!


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