Brazilian waxes: The Bare Naked Truth

Brazilian waxes: The Bare Naked Truth

Brazilian waxes: The Bare Naked Truth

Okay y’all. It’s time to get down to the nitty gritty and talk about something that a lot of people are curious about but no one wants to discuss out loud… Brazilian waxes.

I, personally, am a fan of waxing.

I’ve been doing it for a while now and definitely am not quiet about the fact that I do. The way I see it, if more people were willing to openly talk about the alterations (which waxing is an alteration) that they have done to their body the world would be a much better and more accepting place. Especially of all body types, knowing the alterations that are done to those we think have “perfect” bodies.

I’ve had a lot of people ask me, is the pain actually worth it? And frankly, it depends on what you’re calculating “worth” off of.

For me it is completely worth it for the following reasons:

I find it less time consuming.

The first time you go in to get a full Brazilian usually takes the longest and even that is 15-20 minutes (tops). I usually can just pop in on my lunch break and be in and out in no time. And, I don’t have to deal with the clean up since I chose to go to a wax parlor, which is a definite plus.

It lasts longer.

So, where as some shaving results only last for like a day (not even kidding here), with waxing you can be hair-free for weeks. The first time you go they recommend you come back in about 4 weeks (or at least that’s what my aesthetician recommends). All of your hair is on different growth cycles, which means that even though the hair that you currently had was ripped out all the way to the follicle you have other hairs down underneath your skin currently growing and coming up to the surface. So, your first couple of times you notice regrowth a little quicker than when you get in the swing of things. The first couple of times it’ll probably be about 4 weeks before you go back in, but each time you’ll notice less and less regrowth. Once your growth cycles sync up, you can usually go 6-8 weeks or even longer before you need to go in for another session.

Your hair is finer, thinner, and can stop growing all together.

So, with shaving you are just cutting the existing hair. That causes the end of it to be blunt and appear larger, hence the myth the more you shave the more hair you have. You aren’t actually generating more hair. It’s just that the hair you already have keeps getting chopped off at a square edge and the new stuff that is growing is more noticeable and the shaft of the hair itself appears thicker and darker. When you wax you are actually ripping the hair out from the source. That causes brand new baby hair to grow. Hair that hasn’t been cut and hasn’t gotten that blunt edge. So, when your hair does begin to grow back it will be finer, the hair will appear thinner, and for the lucky one’s – hair growth in the areas that are being waxed can stop all together.

It isn’t shaving.

I won’t lie, there are few things I hate more than shaving. It is a tedious task that can cause you to cut yourself, is expensive in the long run (women’s razor’s are so expensive it’s stupid) and is generally bad for your skin. Now, I’m not saying applying hot wax to your skin and then ripping it off is a walk in the park. But, most ingredients in wax are all natural and other than the whole pulling your hair out thing, aren’t entirely bad for your skin. Whereas shaving can cause skin irritation, infections if the blade is old, and ingrown hairs (which are absolutely no fun).

Those are the reasons that I, personally, prefer getting a Brazilian wax vs. shaving. Obviously each person is different, so I will always recommend you do what you feel is right for you.

For those of you who think you may be interested in getting a Brazilian I’ll walk you through the process.

First, I recommend you pick a parlor in your area that is reputable. Make sure you read reviews and do some research before hand. I also recommend choosing a parlor that utilizes hard wax over waxing strips. I have tried both and find that hard wax is less painful and friendlier for your skin. Hard waxing is done by applying a thicker wax that is applied against the grain of your hair and then is allowed to harden (this only takes a few seconds) and then is lifted. The hard wax actually doesn’t adhere to your skin, it just kind of shrinks around the hair itself and then pulls it out, so skin irritation after waxing with hard wax is also a lot less likely. But again, do whatever you feel is best for you.

After you pick your parlor you’ll make your appointment and all that good stuff. Now onto the actual appointment itself.

Whenever you arrive you’ll meet your aesthetician (the person who will be performing your waxing) and they’ll walk you back to a private room where they’ll leave you alone to undress from the waist down.

You’ll then lie on a table, bend your knees with your feet in the center and then let your feet fall to the side (think butterfly pose in yoga but with you laying down).

That’s when your aesthetician comes in. He/She will then start applying the wax.

They usually start with the crease of your legs (bikini area) first to ease you into it. Honestly, this area usually doesn’t hurt very bad if it even hurts at all. The only time I’ve ever experienced anything close to actual pain is when the aesthetician starts waxing the labia and that’s usually only a couple of strips. And by that point you usually know what to expect, so I would call it more shocking than painful.

Warning, a Brazilian was does also include the hair that grows in between your bum. They usually have you roll into a cannonball pose and hold your knees to your chest, do a couple strips of waxes, and then you’ll usually be finished!

Depending on how the wax adhered to the hair they may go in with tweezers and just clean up a few little items, but after waxing you typically don’t even feel that part of it.

Now, onto the question I usually get: Isn’t it awkward having someone wax your hoo-hah and your ass?

I give the same answer each time: It’s only as weird as you make it. Seriously y’all, this is their job. They are providing you a service. They knew that this was part of what the job entailed when they signed up for it. And, it’s just a body part. As long as you’ve been cleaning it like you should, you’ll be fine. They’ve seen it all… I promise you (my aesthetician and I frequently talk about some of the shit she’s had to endure). So as long as you keep it clean, and don’t almost kick them in the face (that was a topic in today’s conversation) you’ll  be golden.

That’s another reason why I say make sure you do your reviews before choosing a parlor. Just like not all people are cut out to be nurses (you’re having to deal with a lot of the same body parts), not all people are cut out to be aestheticians. You want to make sure you find a parlor that is not only known for it’s cleanliness but it’s professionalism as well.

I will reiterate that this is my personal opinion on waxing. Before I ever decided to get waxed I did do a lot of research as to the benefits and cons and I recommend that you do the same. It isn’t for everyone and every person’s body is different.

I just wanted to provide a (hopefully) informative post about the process and open up a dialogue where women can ask questions since this is typically a pretty taboo topic.

As always, any questions or your own stories and thoughts on Brazilian waxing is definitely welcome!

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