The Beauty of Imperfection

The Beauty of Imperfection

The Beauty of Imperfection

I initially had the idea for this article this past weekend while I was shooting at our Beauty Behind the Lens event.

It was a Valentine’s Day themed photo shoot hosted by a local hairstylist with a passion for body positivity and helping other women feel beautiful in their own skin.

It was held in a hotel suite downtown, overlooking the Scioto mile. Everything about the event from the personalized style, to the location, to the champagne that was being served provided the clients with a feeling of glamour and being catered to.

We had an amazing hairstylist, makeup artist, and me.. the photographer. And it was our job to make sure these women looked their best. I have to say, I definitely think we succeeded. Each client looked absolutely stunning by the time our amazing team was finished with them.

However, during each season, every single woman experienced a moment of doubt and I couldn’t figure out why. Not a single one of them looked anything less than flawless. And, as the photographer it was my job to chase those insecurities away and replace them with smiles, laughs, and confidence.

Leaving the event on Sunday night, exhausted but satisfied and excited to get started on the editing process it kept bothering me the moments of insecurities that I saw in each and every one of these women.

I mean, they were absolutely stunning, strong, and amazing women! It was easily one of the most empowering events I had ever taken part in. But, yet, no matter how fleeting the moment was, each individual woman had their moment of doubt. And that moment was always heartbreaking.

Fast forward to the Super Bowl halftime show that was performed by Lady Gaga.

Dear lord, did she SLAY or what?! Her performance was amazing, and empowering, and considering recent events was a true class act. Within moments of her revealing herself in her tiny silver shorts the trolls came running.

You see, there was a little layer of skin that when she moved a certain way happened to extend past the waist band of her shorts… which by the way were so tight I was envious that she could even move.

Seeing that small line of extra skin INSPIRED me. As a girl who’s body is far from perfect, and who has battled with body insecurities my entire life it was amazing to see this absolute superstar up there rocking her amazing body that didn’t look like it was airbrushed or altered, but was completely natural!

Apparently other people had a very different opinion.

On twitter, hundreds of people were commenting on how the only special guest that accompanied Lady Gaga on the stage was her gut and how it stole the show. Comparing her mid-section to a busted can of biscuits. Stating that she should be ashamed to have put herself in that position in the first place.

And, suddenly, all of the insecurities I saw the days preceding that moment made sense.

I mean, if a woman who is super fit and the absolute epitome of beauty and health is still going to be body shamed, then what hope is there for the rest of us?

There is a reason that women spend thousands of dollars a year trying to achieve perfection. And it’s because society is constantly telling them that they aren’t enough.

Imperfection is beautiful. Being different is beautiful. You. Are. Beautiful.

We need to start accepting ourselves exactly as we are, everyone else be damned. If you want to get healthier or change a few things… do it because you love your body, not because you hate it.

Do it because you want to be your best self… but love yourself in the beginning and enjoy every bit of the journey.

And for the love of god stop bashing other people. Just because they’re in a different part of their journey than you are doesn’t mean that they aren’t trying to better themselves. Because in the end aren’t we all after the same goal? Which is to be the best version of ourselves that we can be.

Be kind, y’all. It’s not that hard.

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