3 Things to Remember When Dating Someone With a Creative Mind

3 Things to Remember When Dating Someone With a Creative Mind

3 Things to Remember When Dating Someone With a Creative Mind

I am a creative person… SURPRISE! I know… shocking. Who would believe it?!

Sarcasm aside, it is true that I thrive off of creativity. Creating content for the blog, working on branding and concept design,  drawing, sketching, writing poetry. ALL. OF. IT. It’s my bread and butter and gives me such a rush.

And, all of the creative people that I know get that same rush that I do when they get in their creative head space. Obviously, my medium of choice is the visual. Painting, writing, whatever… I like it to be concrete. Something that you can see and touch. That’s how I identify with the world. However, I have a lot of friends who’s creativity is audible. They create music, they play, live, and process through sound.

But, the one thing I’ve noticed about all creative people is that we are able to see the beauty and the struggle and the intimacy attached to other works of art even if it’s outside of our creative preference.

For example, even though I’m a visually creative person I can get so caught up in the intricacies of instrumental music. But, I experience it in my own way. Whenever I hear music I can actually SEE the design and the colors flowing through the lilting notes of the song. Or, I’ll start playing and creating a music video in my head. And this happens literally all the time. Even listening to mainstream radio in the car, my brain processes it and appreciates it by thinking of the visual concept behind the song.

Being a creative person can be exhausting, actually. Because it’s super easy to get immersed in literally everything around you. And, it can be pretty exhausting dating someone who is a creative. Here are some of the things that you should be aware of before you date someone with a creative mind.

We see and process things differently.

For example, when there’s something going on that is super stressful I cannot put my thoughts together or actually think about it until I get my thoughts written out. Whether it’s on paper, on my laptop, written in the Notes app on my phone, I have to make it concrete before my brain will start to filter through the mish-mash of information and begin processing whatever it is that is stressing me out.

My hands will literally start shaking and I just can’t think until I get it out of me. For me it’s almost like purging them from my body. Writing them down and giving them their own space helps make it feel like it is somehow separate from me, so I can look at whatever the situation is from every angle. If I’m in a place where I can’t do this it will cause me to stress out to. the. max. Like… I’ll go into full on panic attack mode.

It doesn’t necessarily have to be written out in words, either. Sometimes I need to just sketch out my representation of what is affecting me, or I want to paint it, whatever. Different things work at different times. All I know is when some kind of stimulus, both internal and external, is causing me any kind of stress of discomfort I HAVE to give it life.

I’m not the only person that I know who is like this. And it can make it pretty confusing when someone is trying to pursue us romantically. Because we just CAN’T process things right away. Our minds and our passion is fueled by our outlets. We may act impulsively from time to time, but for the most part we need to be by ourselves and do what we do best before we can make a concrete decision. Which can be frustrating, trust me. Someone who is creative is WELL aware of how ridiculous it is to try to get us to make up our minds in a stressful situation before we have time to process in the only way we know how… which is through our art.

Our passions directly affect our lives and our ability to function.

If I’m suffering from writer’s block you better watch the fuck out. I am a NIGHTMARE when I’m not able to write things out and let everything flow. It is the most frustrating thing in. the. world. when I can’t get my thoughts, feelings, stress, etc. out of me. I can actually feel them running rampant around in my head and everything will be foggy and not make sense until I can get them out.

I once shut myself in my house for three days straight because I was blocked up and just couldn’t process anything or be a functioning human until I was able to purge everything from my brain.

And, when that dam breaks it is a flood gate of emotion and content just pouring out of me. I need another few days just to get through all of the ideas and content that comes streaming out of my head after being blocked up for a while.

If you’re dating someone or pursuing someone with a creative mind just know… some days they will be super productive. You’ll come home and the house will be spotless and they really seem to have their shit together. And then other days you’ll come home and they won’t have been able to have pulled their shit together long enough to form a thought, let alone enough to clean the house or be an actual human. On those days one of two things has happened…. they are either suffering from writer’s/creative block in which case do not approach them unless it’s with food OR they were super in their creative zone and cranked out a bunch of work in a small amount of time. If this is the case then prepare yourself to hear all about it. They’re going to be stoked… just let them prattle on about it to their hearts desire.

We will be the most supportive people you will ever date.

Since we understand the need to pursue your passions so well we will never try to talk you out of it. We’re so often consumed by ours that we totally get it! No matter what your passion is or what you’re trying to pursue we will be in your corner, cheering you on with all of our might. Late nights at the office, writer’s retreats, late night brainstorming sessions, a ridiculous amount of time spent in the gym… we’re down to support you for whatever it is you are pursuing. Just know that we will expect the same in return. Just as much as your passions consume you and you want to give it a try, so do we. And while we don’t mind cheering you on we won’t put our dreams, aspirations, and passion on the sideline for it either. We will make sure to find a way to balance being able to be a support system for you while still pursuing our own thing.

Creative people see the world through their own vibrant, technicolor lens. Every day, every hour, every minute, every second is perceived and processed differently than anyone else around them. They see different shades of color that’s typically not noticeable, the gentle fluctuations between notes on a piano, the beautifully chosen words of a poem; things that usually fly under the radar are picked up and appreciated.

Sometimes they can’t stop talking, and sometimes they get so caught up in their own head they seem to be an entire universe away. But, there is one thing to keep in mind. No one else will ever be as passionate about you as a creative. They know what it’s like to cut themselves open to pour it into the things that they love. And, when they love they love hard and without limitations.

It isn’t easy dating someone who’s mind wanders in a million different places and who is constantly living in between two worlds; both the real and the imagined. It isn’t easy…. but it is worth it.

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